The Propmasters

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Started With The Silo

Our reputation for innovation started with our silo systems: The Propmasters. This one-of-a-kind self-standing silo storage system relies on our patented technology to drastically reduce the on-site space necessary for sand storage.

The Propmaster, at its inception, was imagined as a solution to all the storage problems of the time. Designed to create bigger and more efficient storage units, the only remaining problem to solve was that of surface area. With more storage, came a higher demand for space on site.

The solution was, of course, to create the first self-standing, mobile vertical storage unit in the marketplace in North America. And, thus, the Propmaster came to be.

Because the trailer hitch retracts up into itself – while the wheels and undercarriage remain attached to the bins themselves – the Propmaster creates the most usable storage in the least amount of site space. Better yet, it reduces the necessary work power on site to a mere one person.

To reduce the carbon footprint on every job site, the Propmaster comes equipped with solar panels and batteries. They also use gravity to feed the sand down to also decrease energy usage.