Safe & Innovative: The ForeSite Formula

Everyone says it: our first goal is safety. And we mean it. We remain committed to bringing each and every one of our employees home safely at the end of their shift. This means providing them with proper safety equipment, training, and awareness, as well as the confidence that they can –and must – refuse unsafe work.

But safety doesn’t end at our job sites. While we believe in conscientious and consistent safety awareness and education, we also believe that innovation can create safer work environments for, not only our employees but also for the entire industry.

Just as we were the first company in Canada to use silica dust control, we pledge to continue searching for new, safer methods and technology to complete the job, without sacrificing time, quality or productivity. This means remaining dedicated to innovation, to eliminate hazards and risks on site, and to ensure the safety of everyone.

After all, when safety’s number one, you never stop working towards a better, safer industry.