Silo System

Silo Storage System

The first company to use a stand-up silo on site, we have a bulk storage system unlike any other. The Propmaster Mobile Silo System is our patented product, using innovative, self-standing technology to reduce work power and save on space.

Utilizing the maximum storage on the smallest surface area, these self-standing silos take up 75% less space than traditional storage methods with up to or over 200 tons of storage capacity. This allows you to have more site space available for bulk trucks, as well as for loading and unloading.

Our silos only take a few minutes to set up and require the presence of a single worker. Not only does this reduce your workforce, but it also maximizes your resources and productivity levels. And, with load cells equipped in each silo, you have real-time data that allows precise control of the sand on every site.

Equipped with solar panels, these silos reduce fuel costs and negative environmental impact. To maximize efficiency, the Propmaster also use gravity to feed the proppant onto a conveyer belt or directly into the blender hopper.

Available in a standard, 8-pack setup, these silos provide 1,600+ tons of on-site storage, though we can easily double or triple based on your project’s needs.

These silos are available for short-term and long-term rental.


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